home surveillance systems

Keep an Eye on Your Property

Install residential or commercial surveillance systems serving Ocean View, Greenville and Middletown, DE as well as all surrounding areas

Integrated Wiring Security our affiliate partner is dedicated to protecting your family and business with custom security solutions. Integrated Wiring Security installs residential and commercial surveillance systems in Ocean View, Dewey Beach, Greenville, and Middletown, DE and surrounding areas.

Today's surveillance cameras allow you to monitor your home security in ways you've never imagined. You'll be able to see everything clearly thanks to our digital cameras' high-definition video and infrared night vision. You can also remotely check in on your property with the ease of an app installed on your smartphone or tablet that allows you to view your surveillance cameras wherever you are. Feel even safer with extra layers of protection by taking your home security up a notch with the combination of surveillance cameras and alarm monitoring.

Discouraging potential trespassers from snooping around your home is just one of several uses for residential surveillance systems.

Security cameras will help you...

See who is at your door without leaving your chair.
Make sure packages are delivered and cared for properly.
Keep track of children or pets from inside your house.

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